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Leopards and Large Dark Olives

'Leopards and Large Dark Olives' is an article that I published in the March 2009 edition of Trout and Salmon.  The article features some of the fantastic Welsh fishing available courtesy of the superb Wye and Usk Foundation The world famous Large Dark Olive (Baetis rhodani) hatches that occur on the river Usk are a sight to behold for any entomologist or fly fishing enthusiast. 

Baetis rhodani (photo: Robert MacDougall-Davis)

Every Spring I try my luck during the Large Dark Olive hatch in a bid to run into some of the strong and stunningly beautiful wild brown trout that inhabit the magnificent Usk valley.

If you would like to learn all about how to fish the world famous Usk Olive hatch then read Leopards and Large Dark Olives (PDF).

Photographs from the Usk in spring




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